Vol. 24, Number 2, 2018

Fisheries investments and economic contribution to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania by the Turkish fishing industry

Bayram Öztürk

Faculty of Aquatic Sciences, Istanbul University, Istanbul, TURKEY
Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV), P.O. BOX: 10, Beykoz, Istanbul, TURKEY


Since 2015 Turkish fishing fleet has been catching both pelagic and demersal fish in the coastal waters of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. Total number of boats has been 51 in the Mauritanian waters, of which 33 are purse seiners and 18 are deep sea trawlers. Among these boats nine of them have returned to Turkey for various reasons but 42 fishing boats are operating at present (June 2018) in the Mauritanian waters. These fishing activities represent about a $200 million investment. Protection of the local people's food demand has a vital importance and sustainability of the stocks should be the main target for the sustainable fisheries and food safety. Turkish investors has contributed to the social development, welfare and job creation in Mauritania. In addition, they also contribute to the education of the local citizens about fishing industry.

Keywords: Fisheries investment, Mauritania, purseseiners, sustainable fisheries, economic contribution

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