Vol. 24, Number 3, 2018

A new record of imperial blackfish, Schedophilus ovalis (Cuvier, 1833) from the Bay of Izmir (Aegean Sea, Turkey)

Okan Akyol, Aytaç Özgül

Faculty of Fisheries, Ege University, 35440, Urla, Izmir, TURKEY


A specimen of imperial blackfish Schedophilus ovalis was caught on 15 April 2018 from the Gülbahce coasts, Izmir Bay at a depth of 8 m. This ichthyologic note presents the first confirmed record of imperial blackfish from the shallow waters of Izmir Bay, NE Aegean Sea and the third for the Turkish waters.

Keywords: Imperial blackfish, Schedophilus ovalis, new record, Izmir Bay, NE Aegean Sea

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